The Role of Skid Mounting for Industrial Equipment

While looking for the best element mounts and posts options, a user is likely to come across the skid mounts the most. This portable platform is best used for mounting the equipment in an industrial area. This way the scope of transportation and storage becomes more easy and secure. The skid mount often comes in form of rails, frames, and pallets. The machinery is the permanently mounted option on the skid at a certain manufacture point that gives the machinery’s benefits to the user in terms of protection, mobility, and modularity too.

What exactly is the skid-mounted process?

This process system is the block of construction within the huge system of process. It is an important segment of processing. To be precise, this process equipment distributes and stores all the equipment that shall be used for the process efficiently. It also takes care of modular systems like the fluid system and gas. The equipment of the skid mounts can also be further used as a unit which can later be transported easily and safely.

Exploring more of the skid mount design

The design of skid mounting along with factory-built assemblies if well incorporated can accommodate all the equipment in a single package. Rather it has been the answer to most of the installation concerns.

Alternatives of Skid-Mount

While looking for the best element mounts and posts can offer, there are many alternatives to the skid mount which a user can come across. Certainly, the industrial equipment may not require the mounting to be done on skid always. But there are some alternative options such as:

Installation Permanently

The industrial machine which is not mounted on the skid needs to be installed at the site. This method is called the stick build method of the on-site assembly. However, it can be quite time-consuming and may prove to be disruptive for the operations. If the machinery is done without a skid then it will be installed in one location permanently while presenting challenges like

  • Architectural planning to understand the right equipment location
  • Logistical planning for rigging

Temporary yet complex Packaging

Skids are not always useful for moving the machinery around the factory floor. But it is often relied upon to a great extent during the transportation to the destination that has been set for the machinery. The frame of the skid can then secure and protect the machinery during the whole transition process. But if skids are not present then temporary packing is needed. It can be complex and costly too especially to protect the machinery parts that are quite delicate.


In today’s chemical plants, the constructive design space seems to have a good scope. The compact gear is well created to offer the geometrical outline that improves the space to be used for servicing. Other than this, there is also a new vessel design that allows the facility for the petroleum and pumping stations. It occupies the small areas while ensuring the safety factors are well followed. Besides, there are also the best element mounts and posts used with an approach to go a modular way.

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