Top Perks of Mulching

Mulching has a wide range of benefits to the plants and the topsoil. Mulch is mainly used for weed control and as a soil fertilizer. However, the mulch’s effectiveness depends on the type and amount of mulch you use. In some instances, you can use your grass clipping or order mulch from companies like Mulch & Stone. When ordering your mulch, know the amount you need and use a mulch calculator to know the cost. Some of the benefits of mulching include;

Moisture Retention

Plants often need constant moisture for proper growth. Mulched soil retains moisture for longer than uncovered soil. It absorbs water from rainfall and slows evaporation from the soil. With enhanced moisture retention, there is no need for frequent irrigation. It allows you to space out plant watering longer, thus reducing water consumption.

Shading the Soil

Shade is an important aspect in areas with few or no plants growing. Mulch covers the bare spots in the garden that are in direct contact with the sun, preventing the UV rays from frying everything in the topsoil. Organic mulches cover the soil in a thick layer, thus allowing beneficial bacteria and microorganisms to come back, making the soil good enough for plants to grow in.

Soil Temperature Control

Mulch is an insulating layer for the soil allowing the temperatures to change slowly. Applying mulch in early summer helps keep the soil cooler for longer. It absorbs some sun rays and slow temperature increase in the soil. When the temperatures drop, mulch allows the soil to retain some heat. With warmer soils, your plants can remain healthy and continue growing regardless of the harsh winter temperatures.

Soil Nutrients

The best thing about organic mulch is adding nutrient-rich matter to the soil. These nutrients feed your plants and the organisms in the area it covers. It also increases soil fertility over time. This happens because the decaying mulch attracts beneficial microorganisms that fertilize the soil with their waste. After decomposing, mulch also improves the structure of the soil through aeration. This is by adding some space between soil particles, whereby the space allows for a better supply of water, oxygen, and nutrients for healthy roots.

Weed Suppression

Weed is often the most annoying thing to deal with. Fortunately, you can alleviate this problem with a layer of mulch. It suppresses unwanted weed growth in your garden or planting bed. It prevents sunlight from reaching the germinating weed so they cannot grow. Even when the weed seeds land on top of mulch, they cannot root themselves deeply in the soil, so it is easier to remove them.

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 Undoubtedly, mulching is one of the best things you can do for your garden or lawn. For more than two decades, Mulch & Stone has been helping homeowners with a wide range of mulch solutions to meet their needs. Our official webpage details everything you should know about mulching and how to order from us. You can also estimate the cost of the mulch you need using our mulching calculator. For any concerns, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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