The Future of Child Care in Hospitals

Taking care of children is very important as the future of the world lies in their hands. It is important to monitor children’s health both in-home and in hospitals.

Pediatric care will help in diagnosing and treating acute and chronic diseases in children of all ages. When compared to adults children differ in anatomy, physiology, immunology, psychology, and metabolism.

According to Pediatric Care in Frederick, MD even though doctors in the past have provided medical care to people belonging to various ages including children, Pediatrics is a new field in medicine.

Brief History Of Pediatrics:

Pediatrics means healer of children derived from two Greek words pais and iatros which means child and doctor or healer respectively.

The field of pediatrics which we see today all over the world came from the American Pediatric Society and the American Academy of Pediatrics from the 1930s.

Smart hospitals for children

Pediatric Care in Frederick, MD said that in the future hospitals that take care of children should be smart, meaning the care should start even before reaching the hospital. The changes involved in smart hospital care are

Before coming to the hospital

When a kid gets affected by something, the hospital should let parents talk with a doctor beforehand as they may need guidance on what they should bring to the hospital for their young one’s care.

Clinic or hospital

These smart hospitals from the future will have the facility to check the parking spaces which are available even from the mobile phones of the parents to help in hassle-free parking of cars.

Even the waiting rooms will be available according to the age groups of the children with interactive walls and games according to their age group.

Hospital processes

The registration process will be simple and completely digitalized helping the patient to fill the form from the home itself to make the joining process easy.

The medical staff will check the previous records or health condition of the patient with the help of AI and robots. Even the allocation of beds and monitoring the medical condition of the patient will be done by artificial intelligence as that will make the process fast and simple.


Once hospitalized, the parents, as well as patients, will be explained the treatment procedure in a fun way using youtube videos as they have to understand what they are going to face in a few days.

Children will be given smartwatches and wrist bands to monitor their temperature, heart rate, and pulse points instead of nurses coming and waking them up for these mundane details every 2 to 3 hours. 


Even after the completion of treatment, when the patient is sent back home, the hospital staff and doctors should be in contact with them to monitor the child’s health. They should be given therapy sessions and motivational videos which will help them to feel normal and safe.

According to Pediatric Care in Frederick, MD continued care even after leaving the hospital in case of growing children will ensure the continuity of treatment by parents as that will be helpful to the children.

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