Smart Travel begins with these 15 Travel Accessories in 2022

With rapid urbanization, the use of automobiles has increased. This has resulted in increased road accidents and fatalities.  India is a country where road accidents occur regularly. Traveling during night hours poses another set of problems as the visibility is poor and there is an increased risk of animals or pedestrians crossing the road. Therefore, it is better to drive smartly and carry all the necessary travel accessories in 2022 beforehand.

The following are some must-have travel accessories for cars that can be used in an emergency situation:

  1. A car kit: This contains items such as a flashlight, Swiss knife and reflective bandages in case of an emergency breakdown or an accident. These also help in repairing minor damages to the car that may cause the vehicle to malfunction.
  2. First aid kit: Carrying a first aid kit is crucial as this takes care of any cuts or bruises that may be caused in case of an accident. It also provides basic medical supplies such as painkillers and bandages to treat severe injuries.
  3. Car Foot pumps: There are standard foot pumps present in most cars. However, carrying an extra one may be useful as this works as an alternate source of inflation and helps ensure that the tyre pressure does not drop rapidly during travel.
  4. Reflectors: These help other motorists identify the car from a distance ensuring visibility even at night. There are reflectors provided in the package and make sure to put them on the rear and side windows of the car.
  5. Spare tyre: This is a must-have travel accessory as it ensures that you can reach your destination even if there is a puncture in one of the tyres. It also ensures that other road users are aware of your presence as they can see you from a distance. It is always better to check the tyre pressure before traveling as this results in increased gas mileage as well as improved safety.
  6. Car tyre inflator: This is a useful and must-have travel accessory as it can be used in case of a flat tyre. A malfunctioning pump or low air pressure may lead to the loss of efficiency and tyre inflator ensures that there is enough inflation to drive safely.
  7. Puncture repair kit:  In case of a flat tyre, it is helpful to have a puncture repair kit on hand as this enables the driver to fix the tyre and continue his journey.
  8. Pressure gauge: A pressure gauge is a must-have travel accessory as it enables the driver to keep track of tyre pressure and ensures that the brakes and other components function properly. It is used to  measure the pressure in tyres to ensure optimal safety.
  9. Car air compressor:  A car air compressor is a must-have travel accessory because it allows drivers to get rid of low tire pressure issues without having to visit the tyre repair center every time there is a problem. It ensures that your car’s tires are properly inflated which increases gas mileage and reduces the chances of a blowout.
  10. Spare keys: Having spare keys with you is important as it ensures that if there is a problem with the ignition, you can easily access your car and get on the road again. There are specific locksmiths that can help cut spare keys for cars in case of emergencies.
  11. UV Window Shade: This prevents harmful UV rays from entering the car’s interior. This is beneficial as it prevents skin damage, skin problems and loss of vision.
  12. GPS device or mobile phone holder: These are helpful in case you get lost on the way to your destination since they provide navigation directly to your phone or GPS device. It ensures that you do not have to stop every time you are unsure of the way.
  13. Jumper cables: These are useful in case of a dead car battery and ensure that the car’s engine starts up again easily and quickly.
  14. Car Rat repellent: These are useful as it does away with rodents that can chew on the wiring of your car, lead to an electrical fire and result in loss of functionality.
  15. Car jack:  A car jack is essential in case there is a puncture or if one has to change the tyre. It ensures that you do not have to depend on roadside assistance and allows for an easy journey.

These are some of the most necessary travel accessories that you must think of keeping in your car all the time, especially when you are traveling at night or during long distance drives. Although this is merely a shortlist of car accessories, there are car protection and car care products that should also be kept in your car all the time. Apart from this do not forget to carry drinking water in bottles, sanitizers, masks, useful medicines, tissues, etc.

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