Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Bean Bags

In order to relax people often find cozy options and one such option is a bean bag. This will be large enough making it very comfortable to sit and watch TV. Even though long ago people used them for kids’ rooms and dorms, now is not the case.

Because of their versatility, durability, and easy to clean nature, there is much demand for bean bag chairs for adults.

How to refill Bean Bags?

Filling or refilling a bean bag chair will be troublesome but the relaxation this chair gives is all worth the hassle.

  • Inspect the bean bag if it has any damages or rips because even after filling it might not retain if it has any holes.
  • Ask someone to hold the chair while the other carefully pour all the filling into the chair making sure there is no breeze in the room.
  • Few bean bag chairs for adults have zippers while some have patches, checking if the filling is okay or it needs more filling for the required posture, zip the bag to close the patch after the process is done.

Basic sizes that will be there in bean bags

Bean bags will be of different sizes depending on the age of the person that is going to use them. Be it for a toddler, a kid, a teenager, or an adult there are bean bags that are suitable for all.

      36 cm wide

These are generally for dolls and stuffed toys that can act as only decorations to the already beautiful houses.

      60 cm wide

These are small in size that can accommodate toddlers or pets. They are easy to move from one room to another and can also be used as footrests.

      80 cm wide

They are medium in size and can accommodate both adults and kids but the owner doesn’t have more space in his room for buying large sizes.

      96 cm wide

These provide more space for relaxing for both kids and adults.

      120 cm wide

            They are bean bag chairs for adults and are the best choice for teenagers. They can be considered as extra-large bean bags which can fit two children comfortably.

Benefits of Bean Bags

  • Bean bags are very comfortable to sit in and have a relaxed time.
  • They can adapt to the body shape of the person that is sitting on the bean bag.
  • Because of this, the person doesn’t have to lean front or back in order to watch Tv or access a computer.
  • Because maintaining proper posture will help in reducing the pressure that is applied on the shoulders.

Most common types of fillers used for bean bags

  • Natural fillers like dried beans, rice, or buckwheat husks
  • Shredded foam or small foam blocks
  • An eco-friendly option like recycled EPS pellets
  • One of the topmost choices is Virgin EPS Beads as they won’t go flat easily.


Normally polystyrene balls are used as fillers for filling bean bags. There will be two layers in the bean bags one for comfort and the other for safety. Usually, bean bags will be filled before or they will have a removable inner liner.

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