Evan Rubinson, Self-Taught Music Businessman

The music business has changed over the decades and continues to evolve in the digital age. The industry’s ongoing evolution is more challenging for some musicians than others, but Evan Rubinson is weathering it in fine form.

As a self-taught, passionate musician, Evan Rubinson has learned how to navigate the prevalent competition and frequent changes in the music industry.

An unexpected family event and ensuing circumstances led Rubinson to the music industry, where he was allowed to pursue unique opportunities. Once involved, he founded Evan Rubinson Audio (ERA) Music Brands. Once he got involved in the music industry, he quickly got up to speed, gaining insights into becoming a professional musician. He was savvy and generous enough to offer his advice, based on what he had learned, to help other musicians wanting to follow in his footsteps.

His original professional background was in finance, working on Wall Street. Evan Rubinson was able to use his finance background to drive his new passion for music and as a way to protect the family business he inherited and ensure it continued to thrive in his care.

Although Rubinson didn’t have a significant musical background, he discovered, “It really is easy if you love it.” He found that he loved the industry and brands, meeting some great people brimming with talent and passion. In turn, their passion rubbed off on him, inspiring him to find his own success. He decided to become a part of the music industry beyond the business aspects and embraced his own passion, blended with some impulsion. Read more about Evan Rubinson on zola.com

Evan Rubinson looks back at his father’s 2016 terminal brain cancer diagnosis and remembers feeling like it was an opportunity to carry on his father’s legacy. He knew he would conjure the willpower and take the steps needed to take over his father’s legacy, taking over his musical instrument business called Armadillo Enterprises.

Stepping into the music industry wasn’t foreign to Evan Rubinson since he had many cherished childhood memories of live concerts, rehearsals, and gaining personal insights into how the industry worked. His later-in-life entry into the musical arena turned out to be a natural return to a familiar community.

He doesn’t regret leaving the finance industry behind, sharing that he didn’t pursue any special education or other investments. Rubinson notes that this previous work was more about being personable and relatable. Those same qualities are as valuable in his music business.

Since Rubinson began working in the music industry, his biggest takeaway is that it is mostly about caring for the music community as much as having a passion for music. His goal is to build and nurture a robust network, culturally rich and full of compassion and connectivity among the members. He wants to offer musicians a break from daily tasks and stress.

With people like Rubinson in business, ERA serves as a beacon to hopeful musicians who might be worried they won’t find a warm and welcoming community and success.

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