Essential Aspects To Note About Slow Juicers

Most people no longer fancy buying juices from the market. They find homemade juices to be healthier and more convenient to ensure the constant availability of their favorite juice at home. However, most of them are still held back by the lack of a good juicer.

The truth is, the type of slow juicers for sale that one chooses can significantly affect the quality of the produced juice. The traditional juicers with fast-spinning blades work by ripping fruits and vegetables apart. And this only removes the essential nutrients to give juices with zero nutritional value.

On the other hand, slow juicers have proven their efficiency in extracting nutritious juice by grinding and pressing vegetables and fruits. They are an ideal choice, both for home and commercial settings.

Notable Features of Slow Juicer

The slow juicer has essential features that make it a better option than a fast juicer.

Stainless-Steel Design

Slow juicers feature stainless-steel designs that keep the juice fresh and contamination-free. With this feature, consumers no longer have to worry about polycarbonate and other toxic materials coming into contact with the juice.

Slow Speed for Better Quality Juice

The juicers incorporate slow-speed technology, and with slow rotation, consumers can get the highest nutrition levels from the juice. The juicers produce minimal heat, keeping the enzymes intact to yield quality.

Super Easy to Clean

Cleaning a slow juicer is an effortless process. They are easy to disassemble when cleaning and assemble back afterward. Even better, anyone who wishes to use a dishwasher can do it perfectly.

Used on a Range of Products

Fruits and vegetables are not the only things one can press with a slow juicer. The equipment offers more capabilities and can press nuts, coconut meats, and wheatgrass, to mention a few.

Benefits of Slow Juicer

After understanding the outstanding features of slow juicers, it will help to note the benefits of this machine, as follows.

Obtain More Juice

The pressing mechanism of slow juicers allows users to yield more juice than they would with a fast juicer. The machine has a heavy-duty mortar, which presses and squeezes the fruits and vegetables to the maximum, leaving them dry.

Squeeze Any Ingredient

Slow juicers allow users to customize the ingredients, thanks to its impressive capabilities to press a wide range of ingredients. Those who love adding extras such as coconut meat or wheatgrass in their recipes can now obtain the ingredients from the comfort of their homes. This allows them to indulge in healthy drinks, regardless of the necessary ingredients.

High Nutritional Value

Unlike the traditional juicer, slow juicers retain the nutrients and fibers from fruits and vegetables. The appliance produces low heat, which cannot support oxidation. This gives consumers high-value juice with nutrients and fibers.

Maximum Efficiency

Slow juicers operate quietly and efficiently. Users can comfortably make their juice without distracting roommates and neighbors.


The benefits of slow juicers are unmatched. But before purchasing one, buyers should research when looking for the best slow juicer for sale and get the best value for their money.

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