Different Foundation Repair Methods

When there are signs of cracked walls, floors, sticky doors, and leaky plumbing, the possibility is the foundation of a building is in trouble. Such signs indicate the immediate need for repairs. There are different foundation repair methods available. It depends on the climate, type of soil, the foundation build, and any other problems that need to be addressed. Foundation repair experts are experts who can identify the cause of problems and provide the right solutions. When considering any foundation repair Dallas TX doesn’t upset those looking for such services.

Slab jacking

When the foundation concrete is uneven or sinking, slab jacking is the repair method that is used. The repair method is ideal for implementing a raise in small areas like decks, garage floors, driveways, staircase, walkways, porches, etc. The slab foundation tilts or sinks when the underneath soil collapses or shifts and there is a vacuum created. Professional foundation repair experts have knowledge and equipment to access the soil condition and repair the shifted or empty home foundation.

Masonry patches and sealants

The foundation is vital as it supports the entire building. Thus, spotting cracks and leaks and initiating repairs are important. Often foundation cracks are repaired covering with waterproof masonry patches and sealants. For minor cracks in the foundation, vinyl concrete, silicone, and hydraulic cement are the common sealers. The sealants and patches that are used depend on the severity of the cracks. It is always recommended to recognize the problems and repair them as early as possible to prevent any future damages.


Piling is a popular and widely used foundation repair method used by experts everywhere. Pressed concrete pilings, bell bottom, and steel piers are some of the piling types used for foundation repairs. The best part about utilizing piling for foundation repair is that they are long-term solutions to any kind of foundation issue. Pilings help the foundation of a property reach its original level better than the slab jacking repair method.

When planning for piling foundation repair in Dallas, TX professionals set an example by offering a durable and robust solution to homeowners. Pressed concrete pilings are best for both interior and exterior foundation repairs. They function well on concrete slab foundations and beam houses. To ensure piling repairs are installed properly, the piers need to be deep into the ground  (minimum 12 feet deep) so that there is stability.


Foundation problems can arise due to several reasons, and every problem is different from the other. Whenever one notices any kinds of cracks on the walls and floors of their property, ignoring them can be dangerous for the future. Similarly, leaky plumbing issues should be addressed immediately so that there is no flood-like situation in the interior of a property. No matter what kind of foundation problem a homeowner is facing, seeking the professional help of foundation repair experts is the only way to avert any kind of disasters and accidents. For those considering reliable, yet budget-friendly foundation repair in Dallas, TX offers a myriad of foundation repair providers.

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