3 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Thermostat

Heating and cooling is a crucial consideration as it helps keep your home as comfortable as possible through varying seasons. Nonetheless, keeping the bills in mind, you need to invest in improving air conditioning efficiency without breaking your bank. While considering the best strategy, among the top items on your list should be a thermostat upgrade. With the ever-evolving technology, you’ll find modern Toptech thermostat designed to enhance air conditioning, delivering many advantages. If you are still using that old model, here are among the top reasons you should consider an upgrade.


Did you know that, on average, over 50% of your residential energy consumption is from air conditioning? It gets worse when you stick to an inefficient system. Your energy bills will keep skyrocketing, especially during the demanding seasons.  Investing in a smart Toptech thermostat helps you lower the costs. Through automation, you can ensure that the system isn’t overworking, lowering energy consumption. With a smart or programmable thermostat, you can maintain daily settings, saving up to 10% of energy consumption per year on air conditioning.

More control

Advanced features, with smart thermostats, integrate with home systems. This provides smart controls as they learn from your routine, making the process a lot more productive. With a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat, you can also connect the system to your Smartphone and other mobile devices. This means that you can remotely adjust the air conditioner setting when away, giving you more control. Zoning is also possible. This means that you can adjust heating and cooling settings in varying areas of your home. It means that you won’t be overworking the HVAC, for example, heating or cooling unoccupied rooms. With zoning, you’ll considerably lower the HVAC load, saving energy consumption and prolonging its lifespan.


How often do you change the filters? Giving your air conditioning system some love goes a long way. You keep it in top shape, ensuring that it doesn’t break down more often. Nonetheless, it is not that easy. Most homeowners only remember it when there is a problem. With an upgrade, you’ll enhance the system efficiency as it offers more features. You gain access to more data, not just the temperature. With an upgrade, you can easily track energy usage. Moreover, some provide system issues warnings. This notifies you that it is time for some maintenance, such as air filter replacement. With such data, you can ensure that the system is at optimal levels, enhancing efficiency translating to energy-saving and improved air quality. Talking about air quality, did you know that some include a humidity sensor? This makes it easier to keep humidity levels comfortable and healthy, further improving the air quality.

Upgrading your thermostat might seem like an unnecessary expense. The upfront commitment shouldn’t be the only consideration. Even with the best HVAC system, you won’t get as much if you stick to that old model. With the extensive Toptech thermostat collection, you’ll find an option that best matches your needs and is within your budget. As you consider home improvement measures, including upgrading the thermostat is a good start.

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